Increase Your Business and Sales Using Our Business and Retail Experience to Make More Money!

Doug Hecker – Founder and Marketing Expert.

Doug Hecker – Founder and Marketing Expert
• Business Consultant and Coach at 2 Excel Now


I am a business consultant and coach helping business owners, retailers, and manufacturers accelerate their sales, improve their marketing, increase customer / client visits and grow profitability and successfully.


I work with clients on developing their “Strategic Planning Blueprint” and “Fastest Path to Cash” tactics and then coach and consult them along the way to success.


You will become a more effective leader and gain practical tools that produce immediate results. You will unlock the power of your team through goal alignment, accountability, and execution.


I am a goal driven, dedicated and successful professional with over 25+ years of experience at two Fortune 500 multi-unit retail corporations.


About What We Do


Increase Business Performance and Sales


Increase your business and retail performance and achieve higher levels of sales by using proven leadership methods while applying accountability. Doug’s expertise in creating sales momentum and accountability action plans for clients and companies delivers results. His methods to enhance communications and grow customer loyalty will bring success to you and your business.


We deliver effective business solutions by identifying your ideal customer. Overcome the challenges of creating effective marketing plans, strategic planning and business management systems. Let us provide the road map to success that results in excellent customer satisfaction and retention.


Develop Your Team and Sales Abilities


We work for you to create bigger and better results for your business. Achieve the success you desire, maximize opportunities and obtain a fresh perspective about your business by employing the tactics you learn with Doug’s proven coaching, consulting and mentoring methods. Our guidance, encouragement and accountability methods create a positive mindset for success, for both your business and personal goals.


Improve Your Marketing and Competitiveness


The current business environment is evolving quickly. There is more competition and changing rules and regulations today than ever before. We understand that serving your customers and running your business is your top priority, yet you also need a focused, high-performance marketing program that keeps you competitive. 2 Excel Now delivers the high performance marketing that you need today. Let our expertise go to work for you today!


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