How It Is – Make it Easy on Yourself (Part two of three)

You’re doing it wrong if it’s too much work.   The previous blog provided ten technology sources (re-listed below) reporting daily on a wide range of subjects. These are the well vetted sources having experienced editors and research resources that are often quoted by many others.   Ten excellent resources which collect and distill information […]


How It Is – Rapid Technological Change (Part one of three)

Restating the obvious, there is much more news and information to process due to rapid technological change. It is more important than ever to stay up to date with technological change because it drives markets and business. Technology offers opportunities. New or improving technology in one area interacts with technology in other areas. Technological cross […]


Tips for Handling Too Many e-Mails – Spam Junk Mail and Mail Related Risks

Tips for handling “too many e-mails” fall into two broad areas:   1. Eliminating unwanted spam and junk mail and reducing mail related “risks”   2. Improving email efficiency – using automated processes   The following covers the elimination of unwanted  – spam/junk mail and reducing mail related risks.   There are simple practices to […]


Defining Success for Your Business

How do you define success? And more importantly, who doesn’t want to be viewed as successful? Let’s talk about a process that will help you to better frame success in terms of your business. Most retailers think that getting more sales is the answer…but success starts way before that. Or they think that their location […]


Focus On Communications To Increase Sales

The key concept for small businesses is to focus on your communications is that customers do not buy products, they buy solutions and they buy benefits. They also buy value, which is more than just the price you are charging.   Believing that you have to communicate price all the time is a mistake. People […]


Using Twitter for Small Business – Somebody Has to DO It

Having a business website is a given. Your business website replaced the phone book and yellow pages. People search for you online and use their smart phones to find you and it is open 24/7. A business website is a necessity.   What about social media? You have heard that social media is big for […]


In-Boxes Filling up with Unwanted email due to Social Media

We recently offered a blog to respond to questions about growing email overload from our members and experience personally.  Little did we know that the topic of email overload would be so hot and heavily discussed among technology writers and the popular reporting sources? A flurry of new advice continues as the tech writers are […]