These and other questions are what you’ll be asked when we begin to work together. If you don’t have the answers to all of these questions you are not alone.
Marketing for your business is never an easy task. Ever-changing technologies and time-consuming processes can make running a business a full time job.
2 EXCEL NOW provides years of marketing and business experience both on-line and off-line to give you more client / customer leads, increase sales and time to concentrate on your current customers and employees.
We will show you how to manage and set up quick systems that help you create more sales and customer visits and allows you to be more effective.
Times have changed. You need an online real world presence and campaign. If you don’t have a presence (but your competitor does) and you don’t have a process to sort and get back to them right away or another way to instantly let them know if you are a match for them (but your competition does) – who do you think wins the customer?

We help you take your business to the next level with programs and systems that we offer you to target your problems head on and give you REAL solutions right away.
To make sure we recommend the perfect solutions for you please speak to me, the founder, directly on the phone for an hour. Again, it’s free. Not only will I get to know you and your firm, your needs and unique situation but I can also play “consultant” and give you actual solutions on the call. I’m not going to pressure you into buying anything from me, but if we both see a fit, and you like what you hear, and we both see a match, then that’s great. Perhaps I can help you immediately or down the road. You won’t be speaking to a “sales guy” you’ll be speaking directly with me.

Here’s what my business clients tell me all the time:


  • They need more sales
  • They want more new business ideas and strategies
  • They want and need a strategic plan
  • They need more customers / clients
  • They want better communications and more accountability.
  • Social Media is confusing and complex, where do I start? I.E. – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube
  • I do not have time to market my business
  • I do not know where to start to market my business
  • In past years clients came from referrals, today I’m not sure where to get new clients
  • I hate networking and I just don’t have the time
  • I need more time to spend marketing my business once I know what to do
  • My team does not do a great job closing sales
  • I have no strategic plan


The Business Programs

Strategic Planning Blueprint – Develop a blueprint for success that controls your future. Connect your Vision, Mission and Values to accountability and execution. We help you create a customized plan that is a road map to your future.

Contact Me at 480-951-4988 to talk with Doug.