Using Twitter for Small Business – Somebody Has to DO It

Having a business website is a given. Your business website replaced the phone book and yellow pages. People search for you online and use their smart phones to find you and it is open 24/7. A business website is a necessity.

What about social media? You have heard that social media is big for business and specifically Facebook and Twitter. If you visit your competition you may see they use Facebook and Twitter.
If you use Twitter or Facebook, somebody has to do it.
2012 was a watershed year for social media. Facebook went public and needs to significantly increase revenue for its watchful stockholders and is offering more business marketing services and Twitter is booming, growing twice as fast as Facebook this year!
2013 means that if you are not using these you should look at both and if you are already using these you better review how much you did for 2012 and prepare to do much more for 2013. See what your completion is doing.
Twitter is used to direct traffic to your Facebook and your website, offer sales and product information, and connect with customers. You get customer attention by growing Twitter followers who are encouraged to share and spread your tweets. There are many things you can do with Twitter!  I will focus on discussing Twitter however most of the following applies to Facebook. Somebody has to do it!
As we end this year the heavy social media business users are evaluating this 2012 as they look toward 2013.  There are some important leanings and results being reported and shared about Twitter.

“A tweet-a-week is a weak tweeter!”

Twitter requires doing more than one tweet a week
If you are using Twitter someone has to be tweeting and responding to tweets daily. Unfortunately most small businesses post tweets (as well as update their Facebook) much too infrequently. That’s what happened during 2012, with many posting once per MONTH!
If your last Twitter post was a month ago, you are not getting measurable benefits. Let’s make a reasonable comparison. Assume that you advertise your business on a local radio station and you buy a single ad this month. You can be guaranteed that the radio station advertising salesperson will tell you that you would be crazy to do this. One radio spot will deliver very little. You must buy a schedule and advertise with a higher frequency. Placing an ad every day OR MORE is much better. You probably understand this intuitively! It takes frequency of getting your message seen or heard to be effective. Repetition and frequency of communication is important. This is proven by a significant amount of industry research, testing and results.
Positing three or more times each day offers more effective posting frequency and better results when using Twitter. While Twitter is free it takes time, about 10 to 20 minutes to prepare a good post. If you include a link shorter to drive some of the Twitter followers to your links as well this work may add a little more time to set it up. Your time it takes to post daily at an effective daily frequency is not free!
Because someone has to do it…
As a result most small business, we estimate 9 in 10; do not have someone at hand that can spend this amount of time to post daily. The proof is that the majority of small business users post infrequently, because they don’t have someone to do it. When we talk with business owners that post once a month or less they tell us it’s not working. Of course, they are right!
There are thousands of people that offer Twitter/Facebook posting and updating support. The majority work from home and freelance the work. You may find people by advertising on Craig’s list and among a number of websites that offer these services. A simple Google search will deliver pages of Twitter and Facebook services. This is competitive and the market serving small business is now well developed.
Some advice; if you decided to turn this work over to a relative, friend or student or if you find that you have an employee, please make certain that you evaluate them the same way you would if you hired an outside person.
Don’t use relative or friend that says, “I believe that I can learn to do this.”  If your relative or friend has been posting blogs and tweets successfully for a business, they may be qualified. But likely they are not qualified. We do not recommend that business owners to become their own bloggers. This is one of the areas in which it is often better to hire a professional because your time is too valuable.
Speaking from experience, the least expensive and “low-ballers” may not have a good track record or references. Many work from home and do blogs part time. If they get a job or better offer they may disappear and not answer your email or your calls. The low end providers tend to be less reliable especially for this business service. It is best to get recommendations and references and pay the market rate.
We have a network of trustworthy and reliable people and can help you find SOMEBODY TO DO IT for your social media